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Sedation Dentistry in Wetaskiwin: Relax During Your Dental Procedures at Spring Dental

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to enable patients to relax and receive the treatments they need in order to maintain sound oral health.

Are you worried about going to the dentist? If yes, then Spring Dental can help you get rid of your anxiety. We provide sedation dentistry services in Wetaskiwin. Also referred to as “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry treatments help our patients relax during dental procedures. Whether you’re ready for your bi-annual cleaning or just need a filling, our number one priority is to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

Types of Sedation

1. Inhaled sedation: Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas is used to relax you during the procedure. It is the lightest form of sedation used. Its recovery is fast as it wears off quickly.
2. Oral Sedation: Oral sedatives, such as diazepam, helps patients relax during the dental procedures. It’s given an hour or so before the procedure. After consumption the patient will feel drowsy and very relaxed during the entire procedure.
3. Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia: Some medications are given that will make you either almost unconscious or totally unconscious. The recovery takes time and patients cannot be easily awakened until the effects of the anesthesia wear off.

For those patients who avoid going to the dentists like the plague, sedation dentistry may ease some of the anxiety or general uncomfortableness you may consistently experience. Your comfort is our first concern! Our oral and nitrous sedation will ensure that your dental anxiety is a thing of the past. Our nitrous sedation option, also known as laughing gas, is a great option for treating children.

For more information about our sedation dentistry services, contact our clinic in Wetaskiwin today.


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